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Spray Technologies Oceania: Chinese Quality Nozzles at the lowest price

At Spray Technologies Oceania, we are developing products of quality and reliability. Our products are manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environment standards.

Saving money on your next nozzle purchase does not mean a compromise quality, China is the hot bed of global manufacturing today, and cutting edge technology in many manufacturing industries such as steel mills, automotive, white goods, textiles etc.

Have enabled the Chinese to establish over many decades now, state of the art technical service industries around the many products & projects required in the industrial manufacturing processes and systems, with spraying processes such as metal pretreatment, humidification, fogging, misting, atomisation, and coating, just to name a few. Low cost has ensured the development of such industries and spray nozzles and hose reels is no exception. Cheaper nozzles and hose reels sourced from China does not necessarily mean poor quality.

The Spray Nozzle and Hose Reels products we source come from some of the oldest & most reputable manufacturers in the field, so you can be guaranteed of highest quality and reliability that can only be gained by many decades of experience at the coal face of modern global manufacturing. Choosing nozzles and Hose reels source from Spray Technologies / Penwu Jishu will ensure the quality products and the lowest price.

We develop nozzles for many industries including automotive, food, mining, paper and steel. Our specialist research and development teams provide design and innovation for all of our customer needs. Our main focus is to provide quality nozzle products on time, every time.

All materials that enter and leave our factory are checked to ensure they meet our strict quality standards. Each employee in all our departments are dedicated in improving the performance and the quality of our spray products. We are constantly improving our design and manufacturing techniques to keep up with the level of product our customer have come to expect.